Dennett on Judging a Judge and Intelligence Parasites

AI in its current manifestations is parasitic on human intelligence. It quite indiscriminately gorges on whatever has been produced by human creators and extracts the patterns to be found there—including some of our most pernicious habits. These machines do not (yet) have the goals or strategies or capacities for self-criticism and innovation to permit them … Continue reading Dennett on Judging a Judge and Intelligence Parasites

Delphi Method

In the cathedral-builder view of programming, bugs and development problems are tricky, insidious, deep phenomena. It takes months of scrutiny by a dedicated few to develop confidence that you’ve winkled them all out. Thus the long release intervals, and the inevitable disappointment when long-awaited releases are not perfect. In the bazaar view, on the other … Continue reading Delphi Method

Automation, Organizations, and CX Innovation

I learnt about this case study from the author during an HBR breakfast event yesterday and found it incredibly inspiring, as well as on–point for innovation with AI (with its technological and organizational contingencies). As more structured tasks are delegated to machine, organizations need to encourage agency, flexibility, and creativity with their staff. Over the … Continue reading Automation, Organizations, and CX Innovation

Taleb on Stability, Stressors and Randomness

Consider the fate of Ioannis (John) and Georgios (George), two identical twin brothers, born in Cyprus (both of them), currently both living in the Greater London area. John has been employed for twenty-five years as a clerk in the personnel department of a large bank, dealing with the relocation of employees around the globe. George … Continue reading Taleb on Stability, Stressors and Randomness