Taleb on Stability, Stressors and Randomness

Consider the fate of Ioannis (John) and Georgios (George), two identical twin brothers, born in Cyprus (both of them), currently both living in the Greater London area. John has been employed for twenty-five years as a clerk in the personnel department of a large bank, dealing with the relocation of employees around the globe. George … Continue reading Taleb on Stability, Stressors and Randomness

Immigration, Assimilation, Automation

A very compelling conversation on FT Alphachat with Leah Platt Boustan and Margaret Peters on immigration, and economics, with the benefit of a historical context. Including observations on ways to asses assimilation (like naming of kids, which costs nothing but tells a lot), the context of automation (in certain clusters of agricultural states), and the … Continue reading Immigration, Assimilation, Automation