On Meta Over Matter

As we’re getting better at incrementalism through sprint and agile practices what we’re really after is a “new reality” invention. Ideas that operate on dimensions not yet discovered, disruptors.

I wrote meta over matter before, and it seems to keep coming up in offline conversations as well. 

I would love to keep unpacking it, both because it’s more elegant than the objective <> subjective dichotomy, and because it allow to separate the world inside our head.

Matter is what we do, how we do it – when, where and all the rest of it.
Meta is defined as self–referential, I will that (when dynamic) it is taxonomic plasticity, or expansive thinking. 

To the context of innovation matter is incremental, meta is “New Reality”.

Matter is physical,
Meta is mental.

Matter is Moore’s Law,
Meta is mental liminality.

Matter needs to be built,
Meta needs to be imagined (wholly, as a complete thought).

Matter is moving to robots,
Meta is human, always.

Published by Nitzan

I am a designer, writer and strategist with interest in machine learning, liminal thinking and complexity science. In my commercial work I help companies build innovative tools, design better qualitative processes, and lead that human machine collaboration with complexity in mind.

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