Roads, Not Cars

Building cars is tricky business. A car is an intricate set of mechanisms, technologically sophisticated systems, intertwined and packaged in an aesthetically pleasing box.

Next to building cards, roads could seem secondary. Mundane links between cities and neighborhoods. An afterthought, something we need to have all those car zipping around on.

But when the manufacturing of your car is fully automated, all of the houses in your neighborhood are 3D printed, and you time–share a robot nanny – deciding where to go next, what road to build, is the only thing a robot can’t do. Robot does not move, the need for mobility (intellectual, social, recreational) is entirely human.

Published by Nitzan

I am a designer, writer and strategist with interest in machine learning, liminal thinking and complexity science. In my commercial work I help companies build innovative tools, design better qualitative processes, and lead that human machine collaboration with complexity in mind.

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